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Because food is more than just cooking

Abido Broasted recipe

Broasted chicken, a popular dish, is made by marinating chicken pieces in a special blend of spices and then pressure-cooking and deep-frying them. This unique cooking method results in a crispy and flavorful exterior while keeping the meat tender and juicy inside.

Abido Philadelphia recipe

The Philadelphia recipe creates a delectable veal steak dish with a blend of spices, offering a flavorful and satisfying culinary experience.


Mrs. Rana Shehab

Mrs. Rana Shehab, housewife, I only buy Abido, I have been using their products for 26 years! Because it’s the best quality ever. Even when I lived abroad I used to buy my whole year’s supply from Abido, and they’d stay fresh. I love the different ready mixes; for chicken or beef or fish, they make my life easier. Abido spices are the best in Lebanon, my children and husband can now tell the difference if I use anything else! and I always recommend it to my friends.

Jneinet el Khawaja

Jneinet el Khawaja, Lebanese restaurant; We have been using Abido spices since the shop opened many years ago. Our customers are used to the quality of Abido spices now, we cannot change anymore! One of the most important things for us with all our products, is consistency, we have to produce food that tastes the same every time, and for every customer, no matter what. With Abido spices we get the exact excellent quality every time. We trust their products and know we can depend on their superior quality and dedication to health standards.

Mrs. Rola Qatranji

Mrs. Rola Qatranji, house wife; I have been using Abido spices and herbs for 35 years now, and I would not change to another no matter what. I tried other brands in the market but nothing compared to the quality and taste I get from Abido products. I completely trust their commitment to quality. 

Mrs. Mona Aalam

Mrs. Mona Aalam, I am very satisfied with Abido products, and have been using them for a very long time. When I go to buy my stuff, I feel like I’m visiting friends, we chat, I give them my feedback about new products and they are always happy to listen. I am third generation Abido customer now! They care deeply about their reputation and work hard on maintaining the quality of their products. They are an old reputable company that have maintained excellent quality for several generations, and we remained loyal customers for generations as well!


Liam, university student: I am not a great cook, at all. And I make the same few meals at home in Beirut when I have university. I use Abido mixes to make the food I like at home because its much cheaper than eating out, and over time I now like my homemade fajita sandwiches more than the ones I buy out! A couple of packets last me a long time, and I get delicious food even when I am not at my parents’ house.

Mr. Asmar

Mr. Asmar, butchery shop owner, I have been using Abido spices and mixes for many years. I use it for making sausages, for marinating chicken, for escalope, and other meat and chicken products I process and sell at my shop. My customers love it, as do I! As a business I know for sure I can depend on Abido’s quality, I noticed over the years how they improved their facilities, the health certifications they obtain regularly, I totally trust them.

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Spices are more than just flavor enhancers for our food.

They have a rich history and cultural significance that spans across continents and civilizations. Spices have been used for medicinal purposes, religious rituals, trade and commerce, and even as symbols of power and prestige. Spices have shaped the course of human history and influenced the development of cuisines and cultures around the world.

Spices are more than just taste and aroma.

Their health benefits and nutritional value. Spices can help boost our immune system, fight inflammation, lower blood pressure, improve digestion, and prevent infections. Spices can also add color, texture, flavor, and variety to our dishes, making them more appealing and satisfying. Spices are essential ingredients for any cook who wants to create delicious and diverse meals that celebrate the diversity and richness of life.