Abido Trading and Industry Company


In 1950 Mohamad Abido Shehade started working in Lebanon.

The First in Distributing Spices All Over Lebanon.


In 1958 Abido started packaging manually and was the pioneer in establishing a distribution network using bicycles.

Distribution network.


In 1963 the distribution network was updated and bicycles were replaced with cars, reaching a fleet of seven cars at the time.

Next Generation, Factory in Burj Abi Haidar


In 1985 the new generation of the Abido family took charge of the business. Represented by Mr. Abdel Karim, Mr. Adel, Mr. Farouk, Mr. Hilal and Mr. Borak Chehade, the new generation gave birth to a new factory in Burj Abu Haidar in Beirut.

Abido International


In 1987 the export department was established at Abido, and the company made its first steps towards becoming an international company.

ISO – International Organization for Standardization


In 1997 Abido acquired the ISO 9001\2008, covering all Abido operations and activities.

5000m2 Factory


In 2010 Abido opened its new 5000 m2 factory in Naameh, south of Beirut, equipped with state-of-the art machinery and equipment for the production and packaging of spices and herbs. As well as acquiring ISO 22000\2005.